Chris Hill


Hi my name is Chris Hill, I'm 34 years old.


I would say I've been blessed in the fitness industry watching my father train with some of the greats like Ronnie Coleman, Vickie Gates, Branch Warren, Sheilahe Brown, Gus Carter and many other athletes and icons that have all influenced and given me great knowledge to be the trainer I am today.


I've been a trainer for 13 years. Biggest accomplishments are producing 2 pro athletes, GBO Pro Pervis Green in 2015 and recently IFBB Pro Shomo Oni October 2020. I have a great passion for helping people in the health and fitness industry ranging from weight loss, bodybuilding and overall general health.


I look forward to working with you and helping you reach any and all of your fitness goals and needs.


Phone: 6822304763


IG: @officialgrindtimefitness