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My name is Josh Ochoa, and I am a personal trainer, competition prep coach, posing coach, and life coach for both men and women of all ages. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran where I adapted my greatest quality to be able to lead. 


My goal is to be able to impact as many lives as I possibly can in a positive, inspirational, and healthy way. With my extensive experience within the bodybuilding industry, I will spread all knowledge I’ve acquired in order to achieve everyone’s goals. 


I have competed as a bodybuilder and have branched out across the country spreading the art of bodybuilding. While doing this, I have directly worked with many well respected names such as the first ever classic physique Mr. Olympia Danny Hester, Artemus Dolgin, and “The Giant Killer” himself Danny Padilla. I have participated in organized posing seminars, classes, old school training, and independent sanctioned bodybuilding shows where I was able to work with motivating bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts from across the world. 


My biggest passion is within the art of posing. I believe a physique of an individual can be seen as a masterpiece through the way it is perceived through proper movements and transitions filled with passion. 

Phone: 806-549-5315


Instagram: @thejoshochoa

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