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People take chances everyday.....which ones are you willing to take? 

My name is Alice Cato and I have been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2023. I have been in sports majority of my life as well as at the collegiate level getting my undergraduate degree in Sports Management and Entrepreneurship. I played basketball, volleyball, and ran track and I had the opportunity to be in a coaching position for 2 years while achieving my Master's degree in Strategic Leadership in Business Administration. 
While being an athlete as well as a coach, I learned the different techniques to take care of your body on the outside as well as the inside. It taught me the importance of working out in the right way meaning holding myself and others accountable to coming to workouts, eating the things that will give my body energy and recover faster, the importance of stretching and having proper warm ups and cool downs, and learning the workouts that will get my body where I need it to be (whether I needed to burn fat or gain muscle). It also taught me the importance of knowing every person is different. We all have different goals, body types, etc. and having someone adhere to those things is so important and that is why this has never been a problem for me to do. 
I decided to make a living doing what I have always loved because my main goal is to not only get my clients to their body goal and healthy lifestyle, but to also have them feel comfortable being able to make this adjustment a lifestyle and be able to carry out the workout plans and nutrition on their own. That is why I am big on strength training with cardio implemented in it, form, and stability so on days you are not with me, you have an idea of what to do on your own. The most important thing to me as a Certified Personal Trainer is for my clients to be happy in their own skin, be the most energetic they have ever been, be in less pain, and be able to PUT THEMSELVES FIRST! 

HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training 
Strength Training
Weight Loss Training 
Muscle Mass Training 
Athletes- fast or slow twitch muscles 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
Expert Ratings Personal Training Certification 
AED, Adult, Child, Infant CPR 
AED Training (BLS) 

Phone: 682-203-1040
Instagram: @cato_fitness

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