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Amy Pace


My name is Amy Pace and I’ve been a one on one personal trainer in corporate fitness for over five years. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a health and fitness enthusiast. I believe that a combination of exercise and nutrition with a resilient mindset will lead people to live life on their terms for as long as possible. 


When I was a child my grandma had a gastric bypass surgery, in hopes of becoming healthier. Unfortunately for her it had the opposite effect on her quality of life. So I took it upon myself to make it my life’s mission to help my self and others create health habits inside and outside of the gym. 

I have also gained a wealth of experience in corrective exercise for various injuries through my time working in physical therapy clinic as a PT Technician. Having dealt with various personal injuries myself and trained many clients through their own injuries and limitations; my goal is always to customize programs that feel safe and effective for my clients individual needs.


My clients range from weight loss, strength development, active aging, and beyond. Working with me you’ll find that I use habit based coaching to increase adherence to nutritional practices for long term-results. Your workouts will be progressive and tailored to your lifestyle and goals. I use a combination of functional training, traditional strength training, and mobility training to help improve the quality of your daily life. 

Looking to improve your metabolism?

Are you worried about getting started on your own after surgery or an injury?

Feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight and it’s just not working?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’m here to help. To get in touch contact me via phone, text, or email to book a consultation and discuss your options.

PHONE: 972–505-0818


Instagram & TikTok: @Amy_lynnzz


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