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Whether you are trying to improve your health, and fitness, or become a competitive bodybuilder, I can help you achieve your goal. I use a holistic approach, assessing not only your fitness abilities, but your lifestyle, hormonal health, and nutrition habits that may be impacting your goals to get you better results. I'm an ISSA-certified Elite Personal Trainer, with additional certifications as a Bodybuilding Specialist, and Nutritionist. I have previous background and training as a Hormone Specialist and have a broad understanding of blood work and endocrinology and I can provide additional assessments if needed.



I've spent my entire life pursuing some form of fitness, from playing 8 years of hockey, and 6 years of football, including at the collegiate level, to serving 8 years in the Army, and beyond. I have competed in several categories including Physique, and Classic, and have now grown into an Open-Class competitive Bodybuilder. I learned how to adapt to every situation to achieve my goals and I can help you do the same. 



Instagram: @coachcrayne27  


Phone: 254-217-7722

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