Frequently asked questions

Does this gym have showers and a locker room?

YES! Our gym is equipped with showers and lcoker room for both men and women. Our bathrooms are ADA compliant. You can also get a towel by request from staff at the front desk!

Do you have trainers on staff?

We have a wide variety of talented trainers for you to choose from. All of our trainers are self employed and can work with you individually on your goals.

Do you have group classes?

We do not offer group fitness classes at this time.

Do you have sleds?

YES! We have an entire outdoor area equipped with TURF, sleds and even weights. This area is available to any member during staffed hours and day time only.

Is this gym 24/7?

At this time our members have 24 hour access to the gym. Our gym is NOT staffed 24 hours, however...

Are there cameras in place?

In the case that we need to, we do have cameras we can pull footage from in cases of misconduct.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! You can purchase a $10 day pass for friend DURING staffed hours. 24 hour access is exclusive to members only.

Do you have drinks for Pre & Post Workout?

We have 2 coolers FILLED with pre-workout energy drinks and protein shakes along with water.

Is there a month to month membership?

All of our memberships are month to month. All we require is a 30 day notice prior to cancellation!

Is there any childcare?

We do have a room dedicated to children ages 5 and up. It is NOT supervised however. If your child becomes a disturbance to others or refuses to stay in the room, you may be asked to leave. The room does have a TV equipped with childrens Netflix and assorted toys.

Do you have Tanning or a Sauna?

At this moment we have neither of those and have no plans to incorporate those ammeneties into the gym...

Can I film here?

We don't mind you taking video using your phone! You will need to check with staff prior to scheduling a photo/video shoot. If you bring equipment to do so without prior permission and you are inconveniencing members, you will be asked to leave.

How can I be a trainer here?

At the moment we have all the trainers we need, with many resumes already submitted. Feel free to forward your resume for future consideration.